Thematic Retreats based on Physical Activity

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"To live by nature is to live by virtue"


Body Literacy

"Listen, read, feel" your body. This, contains more wisdom than you think. By realizing the movement you will experience a feeling of self-esteem, you will improve your communication and interaction skills with yourself and the environment while you will charm the mind to look "inwards". It is the foundational and magical step on a path of "established sense of self" on the journey to Self-Knowledge.

swmatiki epignosi

Natural Nutrition

fysiki diatrofi

Nutrition beyond biological value. As a holistic experience involving the five senses, from the preparation to the enjoyment of the meal. How consciously do you choose "what you put inside"? How does Nutrition relate to emotions, the brain and other functions of the body? Thus, you will build your "relationship" with food, a Nutritional culture by adopting it as an attitude of life respecting you and the natural environment because nature... "knows better".

Art Play

The process of self-discovery and fulfillment is a creative process. Creativity is the ability to produce original works and ideas, to find solutions, but also to transform ourselves and reality. We will draw, we will play, we will dance, we will play roles. We will navigate through the myths, we will get to know the stories and the heroes and with the vehicle of art we will get to know ourselves. No physical condition, no artistic experience or talent is needed, just the willingness to move...


Philosophy & Etymology

filosofia etymologia

"Light up" the Mind! Go one step "higher", beyond the perceivable and reaching closer to the etheric field, on a path towards the light. After all, life is a "game" of a spiritual nature. Together, we will follow the magical path of Etymology - Mythology - Philosophy, for a Philosophy in practice, as a Way of Life, as it should be finally, and through a consciously repeating way, we become its conquerors: "Exis"!

"You are what you do when no one is watching"

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"Exis the second nature" - Aristotle

(Habit is the second nature of human)
From: Έξις > έξω (future tense “have”): I will have [Habit is something I WILL have, over time]
Exis, the habit we consciously choose and through repeating we keep it as a lifelong "acquisition".
By changing your habits you change your nature and choose ''who you will be''.
Choose who you want to be!

"Be the Observer"


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