George Adams

My dear friends,

I am George Adams and I welcome you to our journey, with the status of a Physical Education Teacher and experience as a Sports & Fitness Manager in 5* Resorts in Greece, but mainly in a distillation of my experiences as an athlete and traveler, in a venture where the combination of Exercise and Hospitality is a priceless value .

With movement as an axis and "observation" as a valuable ally, I invite you to experience the place energetically and from there to arrive at pieces of Self-Knowledge. In a simple way.

Our approach is about creating good habits that are consciously repeated to form "Exis".

Our ‘’guide’’ is the Experiential method, with which positive experiences that are emotionally registered create growth, development and continuous flow, thus giving an educational character to our Retreats where ‘’education’’ complements the ‘’experience’’. So, we go from "I went and saw" to "I saw and experienced", taking inspiration from the place of visit!

"There is nothing permanent except change" - Heraclitus

Change, the only constant ‘’out there’’. There is no change without movement. A change that leads to our continuous improvement, evolution, elevation. Thus, based on movement and physical activity, we will focus through the Thematics with the valuable assistance of our team into what human really needs to live according to its nature and are none other than the following:

  • Body
  • Nutrition
  • Soul
  • Nous

Our "base" will be the following 4 destinations to which we invite you to the starting season 2023 and we will visit consistently every season alternating the Thematic and which are:

  • Laconia
  • Naxos
  • Aegina
  • Pelion

After the 2023 season, the destinations will reach 8!

We look forward to you becoming our fellow travelers on this creative journey, a journey that has only… beginning! And let's embody together our vision which is none other than to make the "alternative" as absolutely natural and normal!