Why Physical Activity


Physical Activity because it is the antidote to "inactivity", it can be applied to most of everyday life, it has multiple immediate and long-term benefits (with beneficial effects beyond physical health) being a cornerstone-basic component for an overall quality of life while we must not forget that it works as a "prevention" which - should - be considered the most important as it protects us from any subsequent "treatment"!

"It is better to prevent it or cure it" Hippocrates 460-370 BC. (Father of Medicine)


Physical activity is defined as any movement that requires skeletal muscle contraction and energy expenditure. Any activity we do during the day that contains the element of movement, such as housework, gardening, walking, are examples of physical activity. Physical activity can be gymnastics, sports.

Although exercising on a regular basis is desirable, it is not necessary to run every day in the gym, be a champion or compete. It is not the lack of exercise that is the biggest problem, but the "inactivity" in everyday life.

The Goal - The Way:

We should change our mindset and behavior, gradually increasing physical activity throughout the day with simple changes in our habits. We can start with simple things like:

* Using the stairs instead of the elevator

* Walk more and not use the car for any transportation

* Try to get up from the office chair at least for a few minutes every hour

* To walk while talking on the mobile phone.

* Think about the activities you enjoy and look for them in your community

* More simply, to find opportunities to move!

All these are small changes that can significantly improve the quality of our lives!

Improve your habits, get new Exis (Έξεις)!

The role of “observation”:

We encourage you to notice how you feel before during and after physical activity. Thus, you will listen to your body better, you will enjoy your subsequent needs/activities (food, rest, relaxation, efficiency at work, etc.) while you will increase the possibility of developing physical activity into systematic exercise, thus reaping the maximum benefits of the positive effects of exercise! For this reason and in this project we have movement as a cornerstone (yoga, pilates, running, hiking, etc.) as everything we deal with in our Thematics will be more pleasant, easier to digest, easier to understand with movement as an aid /physical exercise!

Kind reminder: By acquiring new "habits" we can "build" our new nature!


Green - Exis • Έξις team