Our Values


The need to understand that this is a dynamic process. When something "acts" something else "supports" it, emphasize both these functions and achieve balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Action is a prerequisite, repetition is necessary, harmonization is the result.

The most important "key". Take a closer look to everything, starting with yourself. Try to observe the nature and follow her example. Always focused on the "present", on what is happening "here and now". Consciously!

Accept things as they come. With composure in either their positive or negative outcome. Experience acceptance and focus on things that need handling only by yourself.

Because, there is no greater joy than the joy of giving. Or, even better, you are rich when you "give". Be the example!


I choose what I do to do it with my heart, to give my soul! Because love is always returned, not in the same way, not by the same person, but it always returns!

I enjoy creating smiles, being a source of joy and optimism for those around me! In this way, my own smile also becomes brighter!

Through everything I do I try to express my truth and encourage others to express theirs! How much easier and beautiful life becomes like this!

I try to be grateful for everything! For my successes and my failures! On all levels.. Some are great memories later, and some are life lessons!


Food is not just fuel (calories), it is the strongest message we send every day to our body for it’s true function, our body is made of what we eat and every time we put it on something in our body we have the opportunity to support or aggravate our health.

Nature is the greatest physician, our body is a highly intelligent organism that when we pronounce these which is needed which is usually clean food, clean water, clean air, relaxation and exercise, has the inherent ability to self-heal and return to balance (homeostasis).

We support the person and not just the symptom.

My ambition is to become an ambassador of healthy eating in Greece and this is what I do with all the people I support offering through our contact the knowledge and supplies so that they can support their own health by educating them on its principles balanced diet.


Self-awareness is the inner work of man to discover and connect with his spiritual Self. Knowing you is the meaning of my life. The disidentification from my personality opens up the image of the world. It opens the door to infinite possibilities, to connection with others, to the sacred, the mysterious, the eternal and the divine Grace.

Offering is a physical attitude and position of life that expresses the inner spiritual wealth of man. The quality of this action is refined and musky. The ability to actively observe and connect with people in a society is a great skill to cultivate. The offering first benefits the person who offers it, and then the one who receives it. The reward of giving is the act itself that makes you feel Human.

Harmony is the goal in every act of mine. It is an inner quality that gives me clarity, joy and creativity. I look for her everywhere. Outside as well as inside. It is the feeling that all is well and everything is flowing. Every time I lose her, the picture of the world turns gray and when I find her the world is filled with colors and fragrances.

Everything is joy. I can't stand seriousness. I find it so funny. Inside the shadow theater you cry, outside you only rejoice. Life is joy. Man is joy. Joy is a kind, gentle, intelligent energy that permeates everything and shocks them... subtly.


The Greek language is more than a means of communication, it is a tool for cultivating mental abilities, as scientific research has proven, a fact that I try to highlight through the Etymology courses I carry out and through the Etymology books I have written.

Philosophy is "bacteria" of life, which makes us strong in mind and spirit, a view I reinforce through the Philosophy classes I have been conducting for children and adults for 10 years.

The balance of the spirit comes from training the mind, but also the body, a point of view I support by being involved in sports for several years (karate, muay thai, kick boxing, running, trx).

I always try in my life to identify the positive characteristics of others and help them highlight them, the way I teach my courses is also based on this attitude, as teaching is a two-way and interactive process and in the end I always end up benefiting and to learn from my students.